6 Simple Ways to Maximize the Battery Life on iPhone 14 Pro

Ways to Maximize the Battery Life on iPhone 14 Pro

Using iPhone 14 pro? If so, please read Artikeloka‘s article in this page. The iPhone 14 Pro brings many firsts for Apple. There’s loads to unpack, from the always-on show to the 48MP camera. Unfortunately, those new functions additionally carry a touch battery anxiety, as many evaluations have advised that the iPhone 14 Pro can not maintain up with the battery overall performance of older models.

Thus, we’re going to discover a few methods to maximise the battery existence to your iPhone 14 Pro, making sure it lasts you thru the day. Some of those guidelines contain disabling hardware functions, at the same time as others will have you ever tweaking software program options.


If you have simply obtained your iPhone 14 Pro and restored it from a backup, we advocate giving the tool a while to complete indexing its records and restoring photos, messages, and different app-associated content material saved at the cloud.

1. Disable the Always-On Display

Unlike its Android counterparts, the always-on show for iPhone showcases all of the factors commonly seen at the Lock Screen. From your wallpaper to iOS 16’s Apple-Watch-fashion widgets, every detail continues its position, albeit in a dimmed kingdom, clean at 1Hz and updating in real-time.

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Nevertheless, maintaining your iPhone 14 Pro on this kingdom will bog down battery staying power over an prolonged period. Here are the stairs to comply with to show off the always-on show to your iPhone and shop the battery:

Open Settings to your iPhone and head to the Display & Brightness page.
Scroll down and find the Always On toggle.
Now faucet to show off the always-on show.

2. Limit the Frame Rate via way of means of Disabling ProMotion

While excessive refresh fee presentations are fascinating to appearance at, or even higher to use, they do threaten to pressure the battery. The iPhone thirteen Pro treated the implementation this notably well, and we count on the equal from the iPhone 14 Pro. But, in case you are ever in a pinch, proscribing ProMotion to disable the excessive refresh fee show will assist make the maximum of your iPhone’s final charge.

Follow the stairs underneath to restriction your iPhone’s refresh fee.

  • Open Settings to your iPhone and visit Accessibility.
  • Now, faucet on Motion.
  • To limition your telecellsmartphone to 60Hz, allow the Limit Frame Rate toggle.

3. Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Another vital tip to saving battery existence on iPhone is to disable iOS’s Auto-Brightness function. This is even greater critical at the iPhone 14 Pro, because the tool can hit a top of 2000 nits whilst used outdoors. That brightness degree can critically pressure the battery if used for a extended period.

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You can flip off Auto-Brightness via way of means of following the stairs indexed underneath:

  • Open Settings and faucet on Accessibility.
  • Next, head into the Display & Text Size menu.
  • Scroll to the lowest of this display screen and flip off Auto-Brightness.

4. Disable Keyboard Haptics

A new addition in iOS 16, Keyboard Haptics is some thing you are not likely to understand until you have skilled it firsthand. Unfortunately, the function comes with a caution in tow: one in every of Apple’s aid pages states the function will negatively effect your iPhone’s battery.

While the function is grew to become off via way of means of default, if you have grew to become it on or restored your iPhone 14 Pro from a tool backup that changed into the use of the function, then you definitely need to flip it off now. Just comply with those steps:

  • Open Settings and pick Sounds & Haptics.
  • Locate and faucet on Keyboard Feedback.
  • From the 2 options, disable Haptics.

5. Reduce Background App Activity

Next on our listing is proscribing history app sports to your iPhone. It’s not unusualplace information nowadays that apps on our gadgets are regularly lively withinside the history. Working backstage and continuously clean records facilitates make certain you acquire notifications on time and might hop into programs—regularly withinside the equal kingdom which you left them—with out an awful lot lag.

But, steady history interest can purpose sizeable battery drain and deplete cell records. The former is greater general in regions with bad cell reception. Hence, disabling the Background App Refresh function may shop a few battery existence to your iPhone 14 Pro.

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Follow the stairs indexed underneath to make the specified changes.

  • Open Settings and visit General.
  • Locate the Background App Refresh subsection
  • You can have the choice to in my opinion determine which apps can refresh withinside the history. Turn off the toggle for programs which you deem unnecessary.

6. Disable 5G Network

Last on our listing is disabling 5G at the iPhone. Irrespective of its velocity advantage, the hardware additives liable for connecting to 5G networks will drain greater power. In addition, the dearth of 5G-enabled towers may bring about your tool continuously attempting to find a signal. To that end, we advocate turning off 5G to your iPhone 14 Pro to assist increase its period of use on a charge.

Follow the stairs indexed underneath to do so:

  • Open Settings to your iPhone and faucet on Cellular.
  • Now, faucet on Cellular Data Options, accompanied via way of means of Voice & Data.
  • On this display screen, pick 5G Auto or LTE.

The first choice will allow your iPhone look for and connect with 5G networks if it determines the effect on battery existence can be insignificant. The latter will save you connections to 5G networks and forestall looking for to be had networks to your vicinity, therefore supporting shop battery to your iPhone.